About Ty Picl


Welcome to Ty Picl!

My name is Saffron - owner of this little jewellery shop. Here's a little bit about how it all came about.

After graduating with a Fine Art degree in 2019, I was really lucky to train with a lovely jewellery shop in Bath where I learned how to silversmith. I completely fell in love with jewellery making and became obsessed with learning new styles and techniques.

I'm from Pembrokeshire originally and moved to Cardiff in 2020 as I really missed being in Wales.

Ty Picl translates to Pickle's House. Pickle is my naughty little chihuahua who comes absolutely everywhere with me. I had a weird year in 2023 with lots of moving homes and changes so I wanted to create something which had a sense of home and steadiness to it - for me that was this little brand!

I'm now super excited to be a part of Shutter Studios, an amazing artist collective and my absolute favourite place to work. Each piece of jewellery I make means something to me, I love designing new pieces and being playful with my ideas and the things I create. I'd love to think I will bring a little bit of joy to your jewellery box.

Thank you so much for visiting my page, it really is my dream to be able to work full time as a jeweller so thankyou for supporting that.

Lots of love

Saff and Pickle x